It All Starts Out With A Memory

Twenty. Singer-Songwriter. Music Education Major.

"Artists, as far as I can gather, have set out, however unconsciously, to prove one of two things: either that they are mad in a sane world, or that they are sane in a mad world." - Dylan Thomas


so this is a song that i wrote today after reading a conversation that taylor had with a fan on instagram. basically this girl is in love with her best friend but he doesn’t feel that way about her and she wanted advice. taylor said something along the lines of how what she’s doing is selfless and beautiful and kind because she’s loving someone purely because she loves them and not because she’s expecting them to reciprocate the affection. if you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ll know that this is a very similar situation that i’ve been in, except until today i felt embarrassed for loving someone that i knew would never love me the same way. i’ve gone through times of being mad at this guy and myself because it just seemed so pointless and yet i couldn’t stop how i felt. reading taylor’s comment kind of lit something inside of me that was like “oh…it’s okay to love someone just because” and so this song was created. it’s called “love you anyway”

Follow her! She’s amazing! Love the writing and the voice :)

I started writing this song a long time ago. I remember, I was sitting down in a practice room at school late at night and the first two verses and the chorus just came out. I was just messing around on the keyboard the other day when the rest of it happened. 

No One Signs Up - an RSKSongwriting Original 
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Ed Sheeran - I’m A Mess (Live at joiz)

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iPhone Original. I’ve found that sometimes the best way to break writer’s block is become another person, to have an alter ego if you will, and one of my favorite personas is this girl who doesn’t need anyone, this girl who leaves destruction in her wake.

Whiskey in my Veins - and RSKSongwriting Original
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I’ve never thought about songwriting as a weapon. I’ve only thought about it as a way to help me get through love and loss and sadness and loneliness and growing up.
Taylor Swift on songwriting.

Made a resolution to write more this year, because I let that go a bit last semester, so here’s the first track of 2014. 

Almost Something - an RSKsongwriting Original 
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55 years ago today a deadly plane crash took the lives of Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper and Buddy Holly. Look back at our 1969 feature on the Day the Music Died.

Hey ya’ll. I haven’t written in a while, so this song was really about just putting pen to paper.

Here’s To You - RSKsongwriting Original

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You’re already aware of my soundcloud for my original stuff, but here’s a new one to go follow :)

Check out my first cover, Liar by Edens Edge

Another from my iPhone Originals album (aka - songs I record off my phone, edit quickly in audacity and put on soundcloud) With a Taylor Swift honesty and simplicity about the lyrics, this song was more about just putting feelings to paper than anything else.

What’re You Waiting For?

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There’s never such a thing as you write or you don’t write. You just kinda write as life happens and when it’s time to write. And when you’re not writing, you just do other stuff, so you live your life. Sometimes I’ll write like three songs at the same time while like touring in a hotel room and other times, I’ll have all the time in the world and I’ll just watch movies and more movies. It just happens when it happens. But at least now I don’t freak out like I’m broken or something.
Regina Spektor, on songwriting and inspiration 


FAWM: February Album Writing Month - Game On!

Do you wanna write an album? Do you need some inspiration? Do you want to be part of a songwriting community? If so, might be just the thing for you. The goal is to write 14 songs in 28 days. That’s not a requirement, just a suggestion. And FAWM is full of suggestions!…

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just signed up!

So. Um. Big Machine Label Group is now following me. No big deal. (Except its super freaking awesome)